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Fully Stocked "COFFEE MACHINE" Drop shipping Website Business. High Profit. Welcome to the official Insomnia Web Design Store Over 12 years in business UK Based Best Price Guarantee Full Support --> Fully Stocked "COFFEE MACHINE" Drop shipping Website Business. High Profit. DESCRIPTION Join hundreds of happy clients and purchase your very own, fully stocked on-line drop shipping store. This unique, stunningly designed store is fully loaded with high profit products which allow you to start making money instantly! E-commerce websites like the one being sold on this auction make money 24 hours per day / 365 days per year. The bonus? You don't even need process any orders as they are automatically fulfilled by Amazon! You get paid whenever an order is made! FULL DEMO : https://coffeestoredemo.insomniawebdesign.net NOTE : The site you see in the demo is the exact site you will receive! We advise that you check out the demo sites from people selling similar services on Ebay and you will see no one else comes close to having a high quality design like this. A good design is essential to give the customer confidence to finish the sale. If you chose an inferior design from people selling similar services you will receive less sales and less money. Start your journey on a quality foundation with Insomnia Web Design! PRODUCT PAGE : https://insomniawebdesign.net/coffee-store.html Why should I buy? Risk free. No stock is required. You earn commission for each product that is purchased through your site. Simply drive traffic to your site and watch the sales come in. 24 hour a day automatic money making machine. 2 main income streams - Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. Amazon pays 5 on every order that is made. Based on the 'JURA Z6 Parent' coffee machine currently in the store you could make £94 on a single sale! Unique design that is only sold once. Over 400 high profit products pre-loaded. These are hand picked high profit products that people actually buy. Limited time bonus. We show you how we generate traffic to your stores. Features Free Domain Name Look professional with your own free domain. Easily Update Your Store Change designs and content easily. 5 Email Addresses Your very own email addresses to look professional. Speed Optimised Speed and performance is built in from the ground up in our sites. Web Design Your store will have a responsive design and look that appeals to your target market. We only sell designs once. Your store will be unique. Secure Our stores are audited by Sucuri, the industry leader in plugin security, to ensure that it adheres to best practices and coding standards, and is kept secure and up-to-date. Search Engine Submission We will submit your site to google so your customers can find it. Responsive Your site will look good on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. UK based We are here when you need us and can be reached easily. Google Optimised Site is specially built to rank highly in Google results. 24 Hour Support Ticket based support system to streamline any support requests. Completely Automated Site manages everything. No real input required. Logo Customised logo for your site. Analytics Reports showing who is visiting your site. Two Ways To Earn Money Earn monmey from Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to host with you? No you can host the site anywhere you wish but why would you want to? We host our stores on top of the range dedicated servers that are set up to allow your site to perform at its best. We are also very competitevely priced at only £4.99 per month. Not only that but you will receive your very own hosting control panel and our amazing support. There is no contract with our hosting and it can be cancelled at any time. What happens after I buy? We will give you instructions on how to get your domain name. Then, if you are hosting with us we will set your site up and send you all the details you need to access and run it. This normally takes 48 hours and the site you receive will just be like the site in the demo. What about Amazon and Adsense? We will email you instructions on how to get your Amazon Associates and Google Adsense accounts. It only takes a few minutes. We will then integrate your Amazon and Adsense account into your new website so you can start earning! How do I get my money? Google Adsense and Amazon Associates give you the option to receive your payment by cheque or bank transfer. Do I need IT skills to run this site? Definitely not! If you have got this far then you will have sufficient skills to run the site with no issues. What about SEO? Our stores already have top class SEO built in to them but you are free to change any content you wish. You are also able to install free SEO plugins to further improve your Google ranking. Can I use a domain I already own? Yes of course. Get in touch and we will show you how to set it up. Can I work on this abroad? Yes of course. You can run these stores from anywhere with an internet connection. Some of our clients have a large network of them and make enough money to travel the world. What guarantees do you offer? We guarantee we will provide everything described on this page. We guarantee if you provide the traffic you will make money from this site. The amount of money you are able to earn is dependent on the amount of traffic you are able to send to the site. We can show you the tools we use to generate traffic. So how do I get traffic to my new website? There are loads of ways to attract traffic to your new web site. Some of the most popular ways are direct traffic, Google adwords, Facebook Ads, Organic / SEO and social media posts. Direct Traffic When people come straight to your site, either by typing in your URL or having bookmarked your site, this is called direct traffic. There's a good chance these are repeat customers, people that know your company or organization and want to come back to your site to find out more. If you have new visitors, that is also good news: they've seen your URL in advertising or elsewhere and it stuck in their memory. Google Adwords Google AdWords is an advertising avenue through Google. You might have noticed text ads when you search on Google or even appearing at the bottom of YouTube videos that you’re watching. You can easily sign up for an account and start creating ads to drive traffic to your new site. Facebook Ads Much like Google Adwords you can easily sign up for a Facebook ads account and start showing ads to people on Facebook to drive traffic to your site. Organic / SEO For us, this is the jackpot. Organic traffic happens when searchers type in phrases to Google related to your site and its products or services. For example, if I was searching for "brass tea kettles" on Google and your brass tea kettle store was listed at the top of the page, I would then click on the link to your website. Because you didn't pay to be on Google, your appearance would be natural, or organic. This provides free traffic and you get paid when someone buys an item! Social Media You can acquire a load of free traffic from Facebook. With each new site we include a report showing you how we drive loads of targetted traffic to our sites and how you can do the same! So how exactly does the money making work? A good question. There are two main ways to earn money from our online stores. Amazon Associates The first revenue stream is the Amazon Associates program. This is a program run by Amazon which pays you a commission for every person you refer to the Amazon site who then goes on to buy a product. The commission for each sale can be as much as 10. This referral to the Amazon site is done automatically once someone clicks checkout on your store. The commission path for these online stores would go something like the following: Someone Visits Your Store > Product Page (i.e JURA Z6 Parent Coffee Machine) > Clicks Add to Cart > Clicks Checkout > Sent To Amazon > Buys Product > You get £97 All you need to do is generate traffic or visitors to your store. There are numerous ways to achieve this such as Social Media posts, SEO, free and paid advertising. Click the following link for more details: https://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk Google Adsense The second revenue stream is the Google Adsense Program. This is a program run by Google and involves you showing small unobtrusive adverts on your store. Anytime someone clicks an advert you make anywhere between a few pence to a few pounds depending on what advert was clicked and how much the advertiser is willing to pay. This is all managed by Google and involves no management from you. A conservative estimate of the average earning per click for this niche would be 20 pence. So if you were to get 100 advert clicks per day that would make you £20.00 per day or over £600 per month. Click the following link for more details: https://www.google.co.uk/adsense Returns 100% refund if domain and hosting has not yet been set up. If we have set up hosting and domain then only 75% of the auction price can be refunded. This is valid up to 14 days after the sale. Delivery You will receive your store within 7 days. However in most cases we typically deliver in less than 7 days. Payment The preferred method of payment is PayPal. About Us We are a dedicated and hard-working team, with a friendly and personable approach naturally embedded into our business model. We have been around for over 10 years so you can be sure we have you covered! Contact Us Office 8965, PO Box 6945, London 0800 048 8695 info@insomniawebdesign.net https://insomniawebdesign.net InsomniaWebDesign Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.